how 7-eleven is useful for digital nomads

7-Eleven is every traveler’s best friend. It’s got everything you need to make life on the road much easier. Don’t believe us? Read on to find out why this store is more than just a place where you buy snacks and drinks.

Hot food

Aside from the obvious snack items, 7-Eleven also sells real food like sandwiches, burgers, sausage, soup, salad, and much more. So the next time you’re in need of a quick bite, just head straight to 7-Eleven, pick a meal, and the staff will microwave it for you.


Instead of carrying all those toiletries that take up so much space in your luggage, why not buy them at a 7-Eleven in your destination? The store sells several personal care items including soap, lotion, napkins, deodorant, shavers, condoms, and even underwear.


7-Eleven also sells personal electronic items such as USB keys, chargers, mobile phones, voltage adapters, memory cards, and SIM cards.

Rent movies

Some 7-Elevens have Redbox movies which you can rent.


Too lazy to make your own coffee? 7-Eleven will make it for you. They have an automated coffee machine with several flavors to choose from. Just press the button of your desired flavor, and voila! You have your morning coffee ready to go. They also have iced coffee if you prefer your coffee cold.

Ice creams and Slurpees

The store has a generous selection of ice cream, popsicles, and Slurpees that help you cool down during a hot day.

Phone charging

In case your phone runs out of battery, you can go to 7-Eleven and juice up your device at their charging station. They have wires for practically any device so you need not worry about charger compatibility.

Pay bills

7-Elevens are able to process bill payments including electric, internet, water, and even speeding tickets. Find the barcode for the bill in the letter or email and pay your bill at the nearest 7-Eleven.


Depending on where you are, some 7-Elevens have machines where you can directly buy tickets for just about anything whether it’s a bus/train ticket, concert, event, lottery, etc.


If the hot meals and coffee aren’t enough to keep you preoccupied, maybe the internet will. Just download 7-Eleven’s app (CLIQQ) on your device and you’ll automatically be connected to the internet whichever branch you go.

Bill change

7-Elevens are happy to break your larger bills provided you buy something from the store.

ATM Machines

Get access to your cash at ATM machines situated in 7-Eleven stores. Depending on the branch, you’ll also be able to pay bills, transfer money, and buy tickets using the 7-Eleven’s ATM.

Dry cleaning

Some 7-Eleven stores have automated machines that do your dry cleaning for you. Simply drop off your laundry at 7-Eleven and pick it up later when it’s done.

Send and receive package

Need to send a package to a loved one back home? Drop by a 7-Eleven and send the package there. They’ll deliver it to the nearest 7-Eleven from where your receiver is. You can also have your goods from online shopping sites delivered straight to the nearest 7-Eleven.

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7-eleven best store for digital nomads

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