Blue Diamond, Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai

The food served at Blue diamond is delicious, organic, fresh, pleasantly presented and the portion sizes are well above average. This place is a Vegan paradise but carnivores can also find plenty of options. The moment you walk through the entrance you will feel this relaxing calmness. The gardens are wonderful and well established as the Blue Diamond has been in operation for the past 18 years. Take in the wonderful surrounds, waterfall, pond with giant gold fish, orchids, plants, wind chimes while glancing through the extensive menu.

Blue Diamond, Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai Blue Diamond, Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai

There are just too many options to list but here are just some of the highlights.

Appetizers: Deep fried tofu and peanut sauce (70 baht), deep fried spring rolls (70 baht), vegetable tempura (70 baht), deep fried Tempeh (70 baht) and deep fried mushrooms (70 baht).

Muesli with fresh fruit and yogurt (95 baht) plus plenty more muesli combinations and fruit platters.

Plenty of breakfast set menus available – Whole wheat bread, butter, jam, scrambled eggs, hash brown, coffee or tea (140 baht).

Stir fried big noodles, vegetable, tofu and dark sauce (Pad-si-ewe) 75 baht, stir fried noodles, vegetables and tofu (Phad-Thai) 75 baht.

Fresh fruit juice with no sugar or ice: Pineapple juice (50/90 baht), apple juice (50/90 baht), passion fruit (50/90 baht), orange juice (40/70 baht), grape juice (50/90), mixed fruit juice (50/90) or a fresh coconut (60 baht). Fresh fruit shakes include banana, papaya, pineapple, lemon, watermelon, passion fruit and mango (50 – 65 baht).

Coffee beans come from the hill tribes of Northern Thailand and coffee varieties including Iced, Frappe, Flavor and Hot plus the option of soy milk.

Curries include: Green curry, vegetables, tofu and rice noodles (95 baht), Red curry, vegetables, tofu and rice noodles (95 baht), Massaman curry, vegetables, tofu and rice noodles (95 baht) and Indian curry, vegetables, tofu and rice noodles (95 baht) – portions are very large.

Fresh vegan soups are delicious: pumpkin, spinach, potato, tomato and onion (65 baht). Thai spicy Tom-Yum, tofu and vegetables (80 baht), Galangals, tofu and vegetables (Kang-Kai 85 baht), Sea weed, tofu and vegetables (Kang Jued Sa Rai 75 baht).

Stir fried Rice dishes cooked using organic brown rice varieties include: Red curry, massaman curry, Indian curry and green curry (75 baht) or delicious Chiang Mai curry noodles, tofu and vegetables (Khow-soy 85 baht).

Organic avocado vegetable salads: Avocado green with mixed vegetables (120 baht), with cashew nuts (140 baht), with tempeh (140 baht), with tuna (160 baht) and with chicken (140 baht) plus plenty more salad choices including: raw broccoli salad (125 baht), tomato salad (110 baht), potato and bacon salad (125 baht) and tea leaf salad (120 baht).

Sandwiches: tofu (75 baht), tofu-egg-cheese (95 baht), ham-egg-cheese (105 baht), bacon-egg (105 baht), chicken-cheese (80 baht), tuna-cheese (85 baht), tempeh (80 baht) plus plenty more combinations. Also a selection of burgers.

The bakery is just pure bliss and a perfect place to stock up with freshly cooked items for day trips. There are plenty of scrumptious vegan muffins (35 baht), cakes, brownies and the coconut cinnamon scrolls are the bomb. Gluten free pastries and breads are also available.

Blue Diamond, Best Restaurants in Chiang Mai

The service at the Blue Diamond breakfast club could be improved as it is sometimes slow but the food, ambience, vibe and bakery easily make up for that is otherwise a diamond in the rough. Highly recommended.

Open hours: Monday to Saturday 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. (closed on Sunday)

Address: Moon Muang Rd Soi 9, Chiang Mai 50200 (North East corner of the Old City)

Tel: 053 217 120

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