guide to setting up your phone in thailand

This article will teach you how to set up your mobile phone in Thailand.

Step 1:

Before leaving for your trip, make sure your phone is unlocked and compatible with Thailand’s SIM card size (micro and nano).

Step 2:

Once you arrive in Thailand, buy a SIM card at one of the kiosks at the airport or at the nearest convenience store or phone shop. They sell SIM cards and will even help set it up for you. You may want to opt for AIS. They’re the top leading mobile operator in Thailand and they have better reach and data speeds compared to other providers. Other carriers in Thailand are DTAC and TrueMove. They also offer similar plans as AIS does.

Step 3:

Present your passport to the SIM card retailer. Thai law requires cellphone carriers to collect personal details before you can get a mobile phone number. It’s a fairly quick transaction and once done, you can begin setting up your phone.

Step 4:

Decide what plan to use. Here is a preview of AIS data plans for their traveller SIM.

setting up mobile phone in thailand

SMS costs 3 THB – 5 THB per message. Calls cost 1 THB per minute for local numbers while international call rates vary depending on the country. It can be as cheap as 3 THB per minute (US) or as expensive as 30 THB per minute (Morocco). You can check their rates here. For faster internet, take a look at AIS’ internet packages.

mobile phone thailand set up rates

Step 5:

You can now activate the plan by typing in the code into your phone. If you need more load, simply head to the nearest 7-Eleven or mobile retailer shop to get refill vouchers. They come in different denominations (50 THB, 100 THB, 300 THB, 500 THB, 1000 THB). Get enough to pay for your chosen plan.

Step 6:

Once you run out of refill, you can head back to the nearest convenience store or mobile retailer shop to get more load. Don’t worry as AIS will send you a notification informing you of the exact time and data that your plan will expire. This gives you time to refill your phone with load before your plan expires.

Thai SIM set-up is pretty straightforward. There are set-up and refill instructions in English found in SIM card packages but if you’re still lost, you can always ask for help from the staff.

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set up mobile phone in thailand

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